Therapeutic Edgelands Zine Club

Therapeutic Edgelands Zine Club is a quarterly publication and experimental eco-therapy project. Each issue includes reader artwork and several "invitations" that encourage connection with nearby wilds, creative making, a slower circular sense of time and the development of eco-social healing practices. This is a slow, analog social media-- we go to the edgelands and share … Continue reading Therapeutic Edgelands Zine Club

The Infinite Detail of This Place and Time

Sunday March 20th, 4-6pm Join us in a ritual of collective daydreaming inspired by Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower on the vernal equinox of 2022 Together we will tune our attention to the place and time we find ourselves suspended in the sonics of Apaixonar crafting daydreams with foraged plants, found objects and cut-up … Continue reading The Infinite Detail of This Place and Time

Restorying Agency Launch

Restorying Agency is a self-guided tour that invites us to visit sites of reconnection between us and metro Detroit ecologies. Together we will hear trees speak, honor the traditions of Wahnabezee, visit an emergent garden that provides beyond capitalist relations, breathe with stone ancestors at the foot of the incinerator, consider how to practice interconnection within our daily lives and more.

Weak (love is) Recently I produced a music video for a healing justice anthem from Detroit by my dear friend Will See, featuring Adela 'Noble Snows' Nieves Martinez Produced by Matthew Cross for Rise Like Lions Productions. The video premiered during the REMOooOTE Telepresence Healing Festival: From the North End to the Multiverse Winter Solstice Celebration produced … Continue reading Weak (love is)