Weak (love is)

https://www.youtube.com/embed/GN_E5i08KP8 Recently I produced a music video for a healing justice anthem from Detroit by my dear friend Will See, featuring Adela 'Noble Snows' Nieves Martinez Produced by Matthew Cross for Rise Like Lions Productions. The video premiered during the REMOooOTE Telepresence Healing Festival: From the North End to the Multiverse Winter Solstice Celebration produced … Continue reading Weak (love is)

Transforming the Green Ooze into a Movement for Tri-county Environmental Justice Solidarity

The Ooze Cruise In January 2020 My friend Lauren Schandevel and I hosted the "Ooze Cruise", a walk around Electroplating Services in Madison Heights. This site has become famous in Michigan because of the "green ooze", a toxic mixture of Hexavalent Chromium, trichloroethylene (TCE) and cyanide which was dumped into earthen pits in the basement of … Continue reading Transforming the Green Ooze into a Movement for Tri-county Environmental Justice Solidarity

Grappling with Invasive Species Management on a Colonized Land: Part I

newspaper birds

For a few years now, I have invested time and energy into cultivating native plants and removing invasive, non-native ones – as a paid worker, an unpaid volunteer and a recreational gardener. My reason for this work is that native plants are beneficial to the local landscape but threatened by invasive plants, a notion well-supported by scientific research and further endorsed by many governmental initiatives. While I sense that the American public is becoming increasingly aware of the economic and ecological threats that some high-profile species pose, I’ve encountered various reactions to how such species are removed, especially when pesticides are involved. I want to better understand the complexities of invasion ecology so that I can advocate for smart natural resource management. But I must admit, I harbor a certain uneasiness about the dichotomy of “native vs. non-native” that is so prevalent in invasive species discourse, and believe some reflection…

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