Ecological Lullaby of the Rouge

Saturday, June 15th 8 pm-10:30 pm | Rouge Park (Lahser Marsh area… look for signs, little orange cones, and lights)

Join us at sunset in Detroit’s Rouge Park to discover the sights, sounds and living beings of the riparian zone and floodplain. A microscopic home movie will be projected after dark and Julia Sosin will help us identify some of what we see. Also, participant collected field recordings will be mixed into a soundscape with the help of Ben Christensen! Come discover the amazing abundance of life that usually exists just beyond our perception.

Bring a camping chair or blanket to sit on, a flashlight and dress for being outside. 🙂 RSVP HERE.

This project is being supported by the amazing Science Gallery Lab Detroit, as a programming component to the DEPTH exhibition happening now at the Michigan Science Center (Check it out!)


Explorations in a mirrored horizon: a local clay workshop

IMG_1686Saturday, June 9th 3-5pm

Join us on Saturday, June 9 for a walk into a precarious wetland on the brink of development for an intimate engagement with soil and clay. This two-part workshop will include an examination of soil profiles for evidence of hydric characteristics (a prerequisite for the state’s preservation of wetland sites). The soil profiles will yield information that will be used to advocate for the protection of this lush urban wild space. We will also sculpt the clay bodies into aesthetic and utilitarian objects to be fired at a second workshop to be held at TYMPANUM in Warren, MI on June 30, 2018. We will meet at Steinhauser Park and then walk to the site. See ya soon!

Possible Futures


The landfills became swollen with an unknown substance and the earth continued to rebound from the last ice age, resulting in the surprising emergence of rolling hills covered with weedy turf grass, burdock and Queen Anne’s lace. The roads and parking lots fractured and crumbled like the crust atop a creme brulee. The homogenous strip malls went untended and could be heard screeching and moaning as they collapsed onto the new horizon.

The Resonant Underbelly

Traffic Chorus: Timothy Boscarino, Emmy Bright, Stephanie Brown, Robert Fitzgerald, Brynn Higgins-Stirrup, Kim Couchot, Masimba Hwati, Osman Kahn, Megan Major, Joe Mason, Liz Mason, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Brenna K. Murphy, Jule Osten, Bridget Quinn, Rowan Renee, Mayela Rodriguez, Sherri Smith, Zeb Smith, Julia Solis, Moneé Stamp, Nick Tobier, Gregory Tom, Trevis True

Limited Edition Flexi Discs Coming soon!

Instructions for Walking

The Dwellings of Others:

Walk around the block,

looking for the shelters of non-human residents.

Record what you see in words or images.



A result:



Chinese Mantis Ootheca


Bagworm Moth Caterpillar



Wasp Nest

Banjo decided to play too!


IMG_0785IMG_0784After much internal debate, I decided not to try and retrieve the DOLLAR that was in the hole! It took a lot of self-control… but I decided that if my arm got bit by some unknown creature… the dollar would really not have been worth it, plus, maybe the beast needs it more than I do.

Explore the Red Run!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at Noon Meet at the Warren Community Center

Join local artist & researcher Bridget Quinn for a walk in urban nature! Bring water, a camera or sketchbook and an open mind. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty! Meet us on the walking path by the playscape at noon!