Join us for an experimental eco-therapy walk and meditation on sand, breath, loss, and imagination. Explore sand as a cultural force, as a source of magic and dreams, as a resource that is mined, and as a bridge between the singular and the infinite.

This event will include a walk within the sandy glacial outwash of Island Lake Recreational Area accompanied by a playful act of improvising facilitated by the A.W.E. Society, with the wind and sand sonically scored by musician Kaleigh Wilder. The walk and activity will take place on the dunes around the pond, and a safe distance will be maintained from the “reclamation area.”

What Does the Sand Say? is free with registration, but requires participants to pay state park entry fees. Participants should park at Spring Mill Pond parking lot.

Please be advised that participants will be walking a ½ of a mile on sand. This event is not wheelchair accessible.

No Safety Net 3.0 features works that critically examine human impact on our earth. This prologue event responds to similar themes while connecting audiences to local issues in Southeast Michigan.

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