A.W.E. Society

The A.W.E. Society (Area Wilds Exploration Society) is a platform for the experiential and collaborative eco-art projects of Bridget Quinn. A.W.E. Society events invite participants and collaborators to play within the borderlands between the city and nature, between the psyche and the environment. Realms that are not distinct, but instead are completely interwoven.

Who is Bridget Quinn?

Bridget Quinn is the descendant of European settlers and immigrants whose feet touch the earth on so called Warren, Michigan — land of  the Anishinaabe people. 

She grew up in the suburbs at another place at the juncture of rivers in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Witnessing the slow violence enacted upon the forests and prairies around her childhood home as they were transformed into stripmalls and suburban development left a lasting impression on her. As a kid she lead her two best friends on explorations of the transforming suburbs- they climbed into storm sewers and played in the vestiges of woods interrupted by construction equipment. She intuitively develops coping strategies for living in a sick society- art, research, community and action are all central to her healing.

Raised without formal religion her spirituality is feral. She noticed how monarchs live and die having only completed part of the journey and she accepts this as her fate also. 

Her current calling is to continue to do work of weaving the world together in life giving ways. She is anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, and anti-patriarchal – but she also is aware that the wounds of theses oppressive systems lay within her body. She is committed to mutual aid, reparations, and land back movements. She is here to take risks, and make sacrifices in order to align her soul, heart, mind and body with the spirit of the world. She creates images, stories and experiences that help her connect with worlds, past present and future that lay hidden within the now.

Frequent Collaborators:

Owólabi William Copeland, AKA Will See

Planet Detroit

Julia Sosin

Lauren Schandevel


Sofia Carbonara

Emmy Bright