AWE Society

The Area Wilderness Explorers Club is an event series, club, and platform for reconnecting with the beautiful and troubled ecological communities of which we are a part. The club is open to the public and welcomes that participation of all sorts of people We are always looking for collaborators, and new ideas, so drop us a line if you feel so inclined!

History of the Project

Initially named the Picnic Club Detroit, the project began as a series of cabin fever induced dreams shared between Bridget Quinn and Lauren Rossi during the polar vortex of 2014. We dreamt about birdwatching in the I-94 Industrial Renaissance Zone, and picking and arranging wildflowers behind a shopping center… and singing with cars. The mission of the Picnic Club Detroit was to foster curiosity and understanding about “ordinary” landscapes through inquiry play and picnics. We were delighted by what became possible when we stopped rushing through the city- instead of turning our attention to mindful observation. The project has been a platform for collaborations with all sorts of people including Timothy Boscarino, Chris Reilly and Jule Osten.

The project became the Area Wilds Exploration (AWE) Society in 2018 in order to expand our geographic area of interest and cultivate a focus on human/ecological relationships within our local environment. WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US! 🙂