Dear friends,

The first issue of the Therapeutic Edgelands punctuated Imbolc 2022. The release marked the one year anniversary of a stroke that deadened a nice chunk of my cerebellum. In the wake of the brain damage, with its exhaustion, sensory overwhelm, depression, and hyperarousal of my fight or flight response, I needed to slow the fuck down. I needed to avoid loud poly-vocal rooms, which sent me tumbling into a state of profound anxiety and feelings of danger. My art practice, which is central to my survival felt like it needed to evolve. If any healing was to happen, I needed to stop and create a protective shell so I could be an amorphous blob for a while. I needed routine practices of listening to my inner child, my inner elder- your inner child, your inner elder.

I accepted that I may not recover, that I was changed.

I held a funeral for the part of myself that died.

Even in my gelatinous and uncertain state I needed to be connected in conversation with friends and strangers– in a quieter and tender way. We’ve become pen pals and I’ve basked in the flow of your creative visions. I’ve felt connected in a supportive web across time and space. Because of you, I feel a conviviality and faith that I so urgently need. Who knows how many deaths and rebirths we will experience? I hope this project is supportive to others in their cycles of birth and death.

thank you to my beloved friends who have joined me in the edgelands!

Owólabi Aboyade, Anna Sysling, Masimba Hwati, Lauren Rossi, Alyssa Storrs, Madeline October, Aiko Fukuchi, Emmy Bright, Megan Major, Maddox-Julien Slide, Ana Hansa-Ogren, Genevieve Mihalko, Kaleigh Wilder, Lisa Harres, Ingeborg Wie Henriksen and Svenja Wolff, Meg Heeres, chis billias, Niklas Liguori, Erin Smart, Beau, Robin Jourdan, Martha Christensen Demerly, Sarah Mark, William Heath, Rev. Deb Hansen, Zara Teicher, Megan Jalynski, Daniel Favi Demaggio, Julia Sosin, Rafi Kopacz

The feedback I’ve received breaks my heart with happiness. It makes me feel I’m doing something right with my little life. I’m so glad this project means something to so many people– it means SOOOO much to me. It is a meeting place between my spiritual and creative life, it is a place where we are side by side in the space between our inner and outer worlds. We wander in the weedy inbetweens sneaking glances, pointing out rocks shaped like cute little lumpy butts, exchanging tiny bottles of tears and coy smiles.

Belle Isle driftwood, brass wire, magazine paper, colored pencil, beads
and broken shells collected from a beach in Florida.
Anna Sysling, n+1 magazine of literature, culture and politics

Thank you so much to all who have contributed art, writing, sounds and financial support to this project! My bones are re-solidifying in a new pattern and I’ve started to venture out from my cocoon! It feels so good to live and die, and live and die with all of you. If you are reading this and would like to join, subscribe here.

With love and Gratitude,


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