The Resonant Underbelly

Traffic Chorus: Timothy Boscarino, Emmy Bright, Stephanie Brown, Robert Fitzgerald, Brynn Higgins-Stirrup, Kim Couchot, Masimba Hwati, Osman Kahn, Megan Major, Joe Mason, Liz Mason, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Brenna K. Murphy, Jule Osten, Bridget Quinn, Rowan Renee, Mayela Rodriguez, Sherri Smith, Zeb Smith, Julia Solis, Moneé Stamp, Nick Tobier, Gregory Tom, Trevis True Limited Edition Flexi Discs … Continue reading The Resonant Underbelly

“12 Town Drain”

The George W. Kuhn Retention Treatment Basin, previously known as the "12 town drain" is the site of huge combined sewer discharges (when partially treated sewage and fully treated sewage are mixed and discharged during big rain events). Willi G Gutmann's Red Run WordPress site is the single most comprehensive source of information about the Red Run, Check out … Continue reading “12 Town Drain”

The Forgotten Art of Sock Darning

Saturday February 11th, 12:30 PM - 2:30PM Detroit Institute of Arts (Kresge Court) Are your socks developing unwanted ventilation holes? Join me for a celebration of the ancient art of sock darning. Meet me in Kresge Court (Inside the DIA) for a sock repair workshop, a snack and conversation. Bring with you: a pair of … Continue reading The Forgotten Art of Sock Darning

Transmissions from the Invisible Island

BEAUTIFUL TRESPASS Cassette Tape Release Party Sunday February 21st 2016, Noon-3pm Spread Arts (CAID) 5141 Rosa Parks, Detroit, MI Join us for the launch of BEAUTIFUL TRESPASS and other spacial - sonic experiments. Enjoy vegan soup, bread, fruit and Lauren's ridiculously delicious brownies. BEAUTIFUL TRESPASS TAPE RELEASE - A cassette comprised of social - vocal … Continue reading Transmissions from the Invisible Island