Transmissions from the Invisible Island


Cassette Tape Release Party

Sunday February 21st 2016, Noon-3pm

Spread Arts (CAID) 5141 Rosa Parks, Detroit, MI

Join us for the launch of BEAUTIFUL TRESPASS and other spacial – sonic experiments. Enjoy vegan soup, bread, fruit and Lauren’s ridiculously delicious brownies.

BEAUTIFUL TRESPASS TAPE RELEASE – A cassette comprised of social – vocal mediation atop a vast traffic Island at the intersection of Davison Hwy and I-75.

SHELLS – Hazy euphonic tones of Shelley Salant

HOOKUPS – An installation by Lindsay “VIKI” Karty and Sam Hooker

GIRL NOTES – A lively reading of notes from the late 20th century by Eleni Zaharopoulos

($5 suggested donation)




End of Summer Picnic

Sunday September 20th / Malden Park Windsor Ontario

5:30pm (see details below)


Dust off your passport and join us for an international picnic! Lets enjoy some Canadian snacks while sitting on a hill overlooking the city of Detroit and contemplating all that the city has given us over the past season! Don’t forget your passport!

  • 5:30—meet up somewhere in Detroit to arrange carpools (probably on Vinewood). Check the Facebook invite for the most recent info
  • 6:30—gather at Shoppers Drug Mart, 1760 Huron Church Road, to purchase zany Canadian snacks (rule: only buy things that aren’t availible in the U.S.)
  • 7:30—picnic in Malden Park and watch the sun set on summer.

    Late self-arrival option: go directly to Malden Park and follow the signs to the picnic spot (there will be subtle markings)

Sunset at 7:33!

See you there!


Picnic # 11: International Tug Boat Race!

Saturday June 20th 12:00-2:00pm
1 Rosa Parks Blvd

Join us at the foot of Rosa Parks Boulevard for this year’s International Tug Boat Race—a Detroit River tradition since 1949! To be followed by snacking and explorations of the riverfront. The race begins at 1:00 at the Ambassador Bridge and heads east. Don’t be late—tug boats travel quickly when they aren’t tugging anything.
  • A cocktail or refreshing beverage or snack to share
  • A picnic blanket or chair
  • This picnic location would be perfect for kite flying or lawn games, bring if ya got em!
For the most current information check the Facebook invite

Traffic Chorus

Wednesday May 20th at 7PM – 8PM

at the Traffic Island at the intersection of I-75 + M8

maptextApproach from the Northwest and use the train bridge to cross the highway. Watch for trains.

Join us for an exercise in machine mimicry as we vocalize in the tones and textures of the passing traffic. The chorus will begin at 7:25 and will last for 10 minutes. This is a relaxed exercise we will do together (no singing skills necessary, only a pair of ears and a mouth). The chorus will be preceded by a ten minute silent listening period. Michael Collino will be recording the sounds of the traffic and the sounds of our creation onto magnetic tape.

7:00-7:15 Gather

7:15-7:25 Silent observation

7:25-7:40 Traffic Chorus

Lemonade will be provided.
Approach from the Northwest and use the train bridge to cross the highway (refer to map for help).

Picnic 8: Solitary Sonic Picnic (Basket)


November 23rd 2014

For November’s picnic we will meet alone in space (choose your own location), together in time (Sunday, November 23rd, 2014) for the purpose of collecting audio. Bring a recording device of choice to your own private picnic. Artist and seasoned Picnic Clubber, Emily Gustafson will weave the recordings together into a sonic picnic basket to be enjoyed by all as part of Picnic in a Polar Vortex, an exhibition of artifacts recollected from the life of Picnic Club: January 10th – February 21st, 2015 @Hamtramck’s Public Pool!

To make a sonic picnic basket collectively in solitude:

1. Choose a location for your own private picnic
2. Bring an audio recording device (I phone voice memo, tape / digital recorder, etc.) to collect or construct any kind of sound (environmental, object-based, bodily) of any length, reasoning, and level of complexity
3. Submit audio file(s) by the next day, Monday the 24th (altered or raw) to: or hand-deliver hard copies (cds, tapes, flash drives etc.) to be digitized during December’s picnic 12/07/14 (location TBA)
4. With each audio submission, please include a 1-3 sentence written interpretation of your picnic and/or a description of your chosen location, sounds and private experience.

RSVP on Facebook