Picnic # 11: International Tug Boat Race!

Saturday June 20th 12:00-2:00pm 1 Rosa Parks Blvd Join us at the foot of Rosa Parks Boulevard for this year's International Tug Boat Race—a Detroit River tradition since 1949! To be followed by snacking and explorations of the riverfront. The race begins at 1:00 at the Ambassador Bridge and heads east. Don't be late—tug boats … Continue reading Picnic # 11: International Tug Boat Race!

Picnic 8: Solitary Sonic Picnic (Basket)

November 23rd 2014 For November’s picnic we will meet alone in space (choose your own location), together in time (Sunday, November 23rd, 2014) for the purpose of collecting audio. Bring a recording device of choice to your own private picnic. Artist and seasoned Picnic Clubber, Emily Gustafson will weave the recordings together into a sonic … Continue reading Picnic 8: Solitary Sonic Picnic (Basket)

Synopsis: Birdwatching Picnic

A large road sign reading I-94 Industrial Zone and the slogan of the Michigan Development Corporation “ Creating Good Jobs for Your Community “ marks the location of our first picnic. The weathered sign and slogan hints at the imagined futures of this place. It was once a small dense neighborhood of modest homes. The … Continue reading Synopsis: Birdwatching Picnic