Picnic 8: Solitary Sonic Picnic (Basket)


November 23rd 2014

For November’s picnic we will meet alone in space (choose your own location), together in time (Sunday, November 23rd, 2014) for the purpose of collecting audio. Bring a recording device of choice to your own private picnic. Artist and seasoned Picnic Clubber, Emily Gustafson will weave the recordings together into a sonic picnic basket to be enjoyed by all as part of Picnic in a Polar Vortex, an exhibition of artifacts recollected from the life of Picnic Club: January 10th – February 21st, 2015 @Hamtramck’s Public Pool!

To make a sonic picnic basket collectively in solitude:

1. Choose a location for your own private picnic
2. Bring an audio recording device (I phone voice memo, tape / digital recorder, etc.) to collect or construct any kind of sound (environmental, object-based, bodily) of any length, reasoning, and level of complexity
3. Submit audio file(s) by the next day, Monday the 24th (altered or raw) to: picnicclubdetroit@gmail.com or hand-deliver hard copies (cds, tapes, flash drives etc.) to be digitized during December’s picnic 12/07/14 (location TBA)
4. With each audio submission, please include a 1-3 sentence written interpretation of your picnic and/or a description of your chosen location, sounds and private experience.

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