November 23rd 2014

For November’s picnic we will meet alone in space (choose your own location), together in time (Sunday, November 23rd, 2014) for the purpose of collecting audio. Bring a recording device of choice to your own private picnic. Artist and seasoned Picnic Clubber, Emily Gustafson will weave the recordings together into a sonic picnic basket to be enjoyed by all as part of Picnic in a Polar Vortex, an exhibition of artifacts recollected from the life of Picnic Club: January 10th – February 21st, 2015 @Hamtramck’s Public Pool!

To make a sonic picnic basket collectively in solitude:

1. Choose a location for your own private picnic
2. Bring an audio recording device (I phone voice memo, tape / digital recorder, etc.) to collect or construct any kind of sound (environmental, object-based, bodily) of any length, reasoning, and level of complexity
3. Submit audio file(s) by the next day, Monday the 24th (altered or raw) to: or hand-deliver hard copies (cds, tapes, flash drives etc.) to be digitized during December’s picnic 12/07/14 (location TBA)
4. With each audio submission, please include a 1-3 sentence written interpretation of your picnic and/or a description of your chosen location, sounds and private experience.

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