Hey There Friends! 

Welcome to this season of rebirth, of the warming soil and highways of Detroit lined with explosions of yellow forsythia flowers. 

This summer Owólabi Aboyade, Planet Detroit, and I are co-creating a project that invites creative reflections and imaginings of metro Detroit’s social ecology. We will produce and commission several place-based art projects within metro Detroit that unsettle “official” narratives, invite the celebration of environmental justice organizing victories, protect, expose , show us the future and invite healing. We are looking to support the creation of art and stories that are experiential and grassroots. These artworks could be audio, video, participatory or even physical installations within the landscape. Ultimately the work created through this project will form the basis for a self-guided tour, so that we can go to these places and feel revolutionary imagination.

Reach out If you have ideas for place based art or writing projects. Funding is available for the development of projects. Also, please share locations that you think we should focus on–these could include sites of healing, wounding, victories, and futures that we hope to live into.

I’ll leave you with this anthem by Will See which tells a story of Detroit’s incinerator (one of the place-based sites we are considering): THE BEAST IS DEAD



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