urbanitePicnics in the Polar Vortex!

Submission deadline: December 14th

Picnic Club is pleased to announce our first exhibition! The exhibition is being hosted by Public Pool in Hamtramck and will open January 10th and close on February 21st, with a series of picnics occurring throughout the show! The exhibition will function as a survey of our first year of picnics, a travel agency of the cracks in the sidewalk, a library and an art exhibition. We need your help! If you have attended a picnic and have ANY photos, artifacts or art objects that resulted we would love to display them!

What we are looking for:

  • Images (prints or digital… of any quality… even cell phone photos!)
  • Text (original and books/magazines you brought to picnic club or feel would fit well in our library)
  • Audio, video
  • Art objects and found objects

To Contribute:

  • Please submit digital images/videos/audio to: picnicclubdetroit@gmail.com by December 14th 2014
  • If you have physical objects or other media you would like to display please drop them off at our next picnic on December 7th or, you may drop them off at Techshop (800 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI) between 9am-midnight by December 14th. Please write ATTN: Bridget Quinn on the package. Objects and artwork will be returned to you at the conclusion of the show. OR email Picnicclubdetroit@gmail.com if you need to schedule a pick up!
  • We are also looking for a television set and DVD player. If you have one that we can borrow for the show, let us know!



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