fortDecember 7th 6:30PM @ THIRD STORY

(1130 Vinewood St. Detroit, MI)

Together we will build a fortress of blankets and linens to protect a landscape constructed of stories of unseen places from the rising ocean of winter. Bring a page of text that contains a description of a place (real or imagined, literal or figurative, absurd or scientific) and blankets and sheets or other harbingers of warmth that you wish to donate to Cass Community Social Services. We will be be joined by an expert architect of textiles, and blanket connoisseur Dan Demaggio.

What to bring:

  • 1 page of text that includes a description of a place
  • Donations of clean bedding, hats/gloves and toiletries
  • A snack or beverage to share

You may also wish to bring:

  • Audio submissions to the Sonic Picnic Basket
  • Images, objects, artwork and other ephemera that you wish to display at Picnics in the Polar Vortex (our upcoming exhibition at Public Pool!)

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