Picnic #4: The flowers behind the shopping center – Sunday August 3rd, 4 -7pm

Join us for an evening of quiet in the flowers and make an arrangement of wild flowers and plants for a friend, lover or stranger. After being thwarted by weather… and a flu… we are finally going to make this happen! TOMORROW!

Behind a local strip mall bright and spectacular wildflowers show off their colors and varied forms despite the lack of audience. This picnic will take inspiration from Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement that emphasizes quiet, humanity and seeing beauty in unexpected forms. There will be a stretch of time where we will encourage participants not to speak, in order to focus more closely on the beauty in the flowers and the sounds of the place. Don’t forget to bring a vessel or two for your arrangement (s).


In the suburb of Allen Park… park behind the guitar center and wander into the woods. Or park at TJ MAXX and proceed to the field in the back.

Park behind the Guitar center, or in front of TJ Maxx, and look for us in the field.
Park behind the Guitar center, or in front of TJ Maxx, and look for us in the field.


What to bring:

-One or more containers for flower arrangements, can be fancy or plain… even a bottle or cup will work
-Pocket knife and/or sheers for cutting flowers
-Snack or personal picnic (feel free to bring something to share!)
-Don’t forget water or a beverage to keep you hydrated
A plate, a fork and a cup

Other things you may want to bring:

-Flower and plant guide
-Kenzan or frog
-Sunglasses / sun screen
-Ideas for future picnics
-Galoshes, or puddle proof shoes
-Picnic blanket
-Any other devices for looking or listening (magnifying glass? Spyglass?)
-A writing utensil and journal / Sketchbook / Camera

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