Picnics are usually spontaneous endeavors… when the sun casts a gentle warmth onto my skin and a roof over my head feels oppressive; a picnic is in order. It’s satisfying in some animal way. The danger in planning a picnic weeks in advance is that you never know what the sky will have in store for you. Yesterday, threatening clouds and the subsequent downpours thwarted the second attempt of the “Quiet in the Flowers picnic”. Quiet in the Flowers will be rescheduled for next Sunday, August 3rd, details coming soon!
2014-07-27 18.19.50

Despite the rain, Timothy Boscarino, Michael Collino, Andrew Barrett and I took a walk behind the strip mall where we scouted the perfect location for our flower feast.  Highlights of our walk include: wandering into a secret wilderness, dramatic and undeniably beautiful dichotomies, wondering if turning the power to the local Target off constitutes terrorism… and hasty goodbyes while running for the shelter of our cars.

Special thanks to Timothy Boscarino… who wont let extreme weather prevent some inspired wandering.

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