An exhibition at Public Pool Art Space

Opening January 10th 2015 ( 7-10 pm)

Gallery Hours: Saturdays Jan 17th-Feb 21st 1-6pm

The centrifugal force of the polar vortex of 2013 was so strong that it spun bright imagery of a million summertimes onto our retinas despite the blinding darkness of evenings spent inside. Those mirages of summer mark the beginning of Picnic Club, and in the midst of another Michigan winter we reflect on the picnics of our memories and revel in apparitions of picnics of the future.

The Picnic Club has evolved into a series of playfully curated happenings driven by a shared curiosity about the everyday landscapes that surround us. A picnic is a perfect social form for exploration, observation, play, and collaboration. So much time is spent just passing through the world around us… yet, at a picnic you are invited to stay a while. Our semi-organized wanderings have lead us to a silent evening spent arranging flowers behind a strip mall, a circular commute on the people mover, and bird-watching within the barricades of the I-94 industrial renaissance zone. This exhibition is a survey of our adventures thus far.

Join us for a picnic at Public Pool every Saturday beginning with the opening picnic party this Saturday evening 7-10pm and every Saturday after that from 1-6pm, closing on February 21st.


Jacqui Au

Greg Baise

Michael Bogdan

Timothy Boscarino

Emmy Bright

Michael Collino

Colette Czarnecki

Dan Demaggio

Caitlin Drinkard

Tom Friel

Emily Gustafson

Lauren Rossi Harroun

Ryan Harroun

Meg Heeres

Trisha Holt

Amy Kelly

Alissa Lamarre

Joey Landis

Megan Major

Charley Marcuse

Vinnie Massimino

Sara Milner

Augusta Morrison

Jula Osten

Michele Pearson

Adam Pierce

Hamilton Poe

Bridget Quinn

Chris Reilly

Anne Reinhardt

Rachel Thompson

Michael Tosto

Neil Walsh


Also, Thank you to Public Pool, for hosting us in their beautiful space and  to everyone who has attend a picnic with us this year!


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