Saturday September 27th, 4:30 p.m.

Join us for a time traveling picnic in the grand halls of the Belle Isle Aquarium! During this picnic we will enjoy a sneak peek of artist Jule Osten’s exhibit within two vacant aquaria. Bring a bowl and a spoon to partake in an herbivorous tribute to Big Pete, a much adored sea turtle who once resided at the Aquarium before meeting an untimely death. Together we will make the gallery of the aquarium reverberate with stories hidden in this magnificent structure.

Please arrive promptly, as the stewards of the aquarium are kindly hosting us after the Aquarium has closed for the day. The doors may be locked after 4:45pm.

More about Jule:
Jule Osten is an Artist-in-Residence with Filter Detroit. She is a researcher, a visual artist and avid walker. As one of the founders of the Institut fuer Zeitreisen she refers to issues concerning time, forgotten stories, historical developments, traveling and walking as a method for her research based art installations and designs.

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