When: Tuesday September 9th, 6:30 PM

We will be leaving the station with the first People Mover to arrive after 6:45.  Call 5one2-seven86two9five4 if you miss us, and we will catch you on the next loop.

Where: Michigan Avenue People Mover Station, 1229 Cass Ave.

What: Join us for a circular commute! Bring your jar of quarters and a snack in a knapsack for a ride on Detroit’s lazy river of a roller-coaster, the People Mover! This picnic will incorporate much more walking and unplanned exploration than our usual picnics. In true Flâneur fashion we will set out with no particular plans… except to circle the city one or two or ten times and to do some lookin, and walkin, and listening, and talking.

What to bring:

  • A snack that travels well
  • Cash to feed the People Mover (nickles, dimes and quarters… rides are .75 C, bring enough for a few rides!)
  • Walkin shoes
  • A tool for making (Ex: camera, sketchpad, ribbon dancer, chalk, string… you get the idea)
  • Extra Credit: A piece of writing about a city

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