shapofthefloraflatPicnic #2 The Shape of the Flora: May 4th 12-3PM in Rouge Park

This picnic will be devoted to looking closely at the plants of Rouge Park. We will be joined by local artist Meg Heeres whose Invasive Paper Project seeks to use invasive plants and noxious weeds as a paper-making material. Oftentimes, these plants, once they are removed from an area are either thrown in a landfill or burned. Meg would like to shift this practice and determine if some of these discards could be put to good use as handmade paper. Our parks and greens spaces in Detroit struggle with species like Honeysuckle, Phragmites, Garlic Mustard, and Tree-of-Heaven. Many groups of people work hard to help manage their growth and spread. Meg is working with these folks to gather the raw material and experiment with the effectiveness as a paper fiber. We’ll hear more about her work and help her gather invasive plants.

We will also be providing a limited amount of cyanotype paper to make photograms with some of the treasures we find. If you wish to make one, please consider bringing a small donation.

The exact location of the picnic is by the intersection of West Outer Drive and Tireman Avenue. If you don’t see us from the road, look for clues, practice your tracking skills, and you will find us in the woods.

What to bring:
– Eyes and ears
– Snack or personal picnic (feel free to bring something to share!)
– Don’t forget water or a beverage to keep you hydrated
-Dress appropriately for gathering plants, long pants and closed toe shoes recommended
– Ideas for future picnics
– A plate, a fork and a cup

Other things you may want to bring:
– Plant guides / Wildlife books
– Sunglasses
– Galoshes, or puddle proof shoes
– Picnic blanket / tarp
– Any other devices for looking or listening (magnifying glass? Spyglass?)
– A writing utensil and journal / Sketchbook / Camera

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