Instructions for Walking

The Dwellings of Others:

Walk around the block,

looking for the shelters of non-human residents.

Record what you see in words or images.



A result:


Chinese Mantis Ootheca
Bagworm Moth Caterpillar


Wasp Nest

Banjo decided to play too!


IMG_0785IMG_0784After much internal debate, I decided not to try and retrieve the DOLLAR that was in the hole! It took a lot of self-control… but I decided that if my arm got bit by some unknown creature… the dollar would really not have been worth it, plus, maybe the beast needs it more than I do.

Explore the Red Run!

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at Noon Meet at the Warren Community Center

Join local artist & researcher Bridget Quinn for a walk in urban nature! Bring water, a camera or sketchbook and an open mind. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes that can get dirty! Meet us on the walking path by the playscape at noon!

The Resonant Underbelly of Suburbia

IMG_5505 (1)Join us for the second edition of the Traffic Chorus, a site-specific amateur choir! Our next adventure will include a simple meal, exploring a creek that meanders through the grid of streets, and making sounds within a resonant space deep in the belly of suburbia. Come as you are, you already have the skills you need.

When: Saturday the 21st of October @ 4PM, meet in the parking lot of the Royalty House Banquet Facility (8201 13 Mile Rd, Warren, MI 48093), we will gather under the humming power lines. (look for a ragtag group of human animals)

This will be slightly intrepid… we will be walking on inclined and potentially slippery earth. Galoshes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet are strongly encouraged. If you would like to attend but would rather listen than sing, that’s perfectly ok! Feel free to bring friends! Let me know if you think you will join us, but also feel free to attend even if you haven’t RSVPed!

Looking forward! (and around)


The Forgotten Art of Sock Darning

Saturday February 11th, 12:30 PM – 2:30PM

Detroit Institute of Arts (Kresge Court)

Are your socks developing unwanted ventilation holes? Join me for a celebration of the ancient art of sock darning. Meet me in Kresge Court (Inside the DIA) for a sock repair workshop, a snack and conversation.

Bring with you:

  • a pair of socks (or a sweater) in need of some love
  • 1 small spherical object like a: tennis ball, lightbulb, apple or orange

Optional (but suggested)

  • yarn or perhaps some notions for sock bedazzling (a currently under appreciated art form)
  • A needle large enough to use with the yarn you brought

I’ll have a couple different yarns and some spare needles too, so don’t let a shortage of supplies stop you. Remember only small (purse sized articles) are allowed in the museum, so travel light. ALSO, after I send out the invite for this event I realized that the DIA is hosting a Chinese New Year celebration this Saturday and Sunday, so lets check that out with our newly repaired socks on! Hell, if you think sock darning is dumb but wanna shoot the breeze, you’re still invited. Do it, darn it.

Find the event on facebook here. (no RSVP required)


Walk The Line

Sunday June 26th 7-9PM

Join us for an endurance picnic. Our journey will take us 5.25 miles from Milwaukee Junction to the old Central Train Station in Southwest Detroit on a route that’s seldom traversed on foot. Be sure to wear comfy walking shoes and bring water and a small snack. We will meet underneath the E Grand Blvd Bridge (In the overflow parking for the Milwaukee Lofts). Look for the intersection of Milwaukee and Wetherbee St.

Don’t worry, we gotchya: we will have a couple vehicles at the end of the walk to help transport people back to the starting point.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.54.53 AM.png

Picnic in the Clouds

Saturday April 2nd, Noon – 3:00pm  


Fisher Building, 3011 W Grand Blvd

RSVP HERE (required, due to overwhelming interest and limited capacity)

Have you ever seen something so breathtaking that you feel you must share it? You know that catching a glimpse of such a sight will restore your sense of wonder or soften the hard edges of daily life. Jack Butler, an Imagineer and CEO of Butler Graphics, has an office atop the famed Fisher Building and has made “Ambassador To the Sky” part of his job description.

Join us atop this manufactured mountain of limestone, granite and marble for a picnic and conversation!

Bring a personal picnic or something to share! Binoculars recommended.