Happy Gregorian New Year!

For a couple years now, I’ve been trying to bring my attention back — again and again — to cyclical concepts of time. The Wheel of the Year and Lunar cycles are reestablishing themselves in my conscious mind, and I’ve already begun to see patterns emerge that I actively foster and celebrate. I know when it’s time to buy seeds, harvest, rest, journal, and let the energy flow. Part of what I love about the Wheel of the Year and Lunar Cycles is that they are longer than capitalism’s weekly patterns— the Lunar cycles, which coincide with my bodily cycles of bleeding help me plan for cycles of work and rest in ways that honor my body and what it needs. The eight quadrants of the year make more creaturely sense to me than the Gregorian 12 months.

Yet my brain is trained to think in the 12 months of the year, as thats how this society marks time – and so I’ve created a printable calendar that I use to plan cycles of work, rest, planting, harvesting, celebrating and ritual making. I have a more elaborate, larger version that i hope to print in the coming year. but I wanted to share this simple printable calendar with ya’ll incase its helpful to you as you craft intentions for the coming year.

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