Therapeutic Edgelands Zine Club is a quarterly publication and experimental eco-therapy project. Each issue includes reader artwork and several “invitations” that encourage connection with nearby wilds, creative making, a slower circular sense of time and the development of eco-social healing practices. This is a slow, analog social media– we go to the edgelands and share what we find there.

Recent Contributors:
Megan Jalynski
Daniel Favi Demaggio
Owólabi Aboyade
Annamarie Sysling
Lauren Rossi
Aiko Fukuchi
Julia Sosin
Rafi Kopacz
Masimba Hwati
B. Quinn

Publishing Schedule
-Imbolc Zine (Feb) 
    -spring equinox mailer (march)
-Bealtaine Zine (May)
    -summer solstice mailer (june)
-Lunása Zine (Aug)
    -fall equinox mailer (sept)
-Samhain (Nov)
    -winter solstice mailer (dec)

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